Education10 Must Have Hard Skills For Every Java Developer

04.06.2022by Tanya

Enterprises like using Java because it is a performant, reliable, and stable language. Secondly, it is easy to find Java developers compared to other programming languages. Big companies are hiring Java developers to leverage the open-source ecosystem to modernize their applications and build new ones. Java community is continuously thriving and there is an extensive ecosystem of libraries, tools, and how to become a java developer frameworks. Java is heavily used for back-end programming because of its resiliency and scalability to handle concurrent users. Developed first in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, Java is a concurrent, class-based, and object-oriented programming language based on the syntax of C and C++. Thus, it’s preferred to develop applications like software design, gaming technology, and web and mobile applications.

Is it easy to become a Java developer?

With the right motivation and enough hands-on software development experience, you can become a Java developer. However, experienced developers may tell you that learning the programming language is difficult and takes time.

The job market for Java developers is also fiercely competitive. But with certifications and a strong portfolio, you have a good chance of earning a job as a Java developer.

Other developers often get stuck analyzing the problem, attempting to work out the logic tree in their head, or have trouble reproducing the condition and give up. Writing unit tests for your code is considered a good practice. Perfecting your unit testing skills will separate you from average developers and make you a rockstar. And embracing the Testing first philosophy will make you more productive and your code more stable. With solid testing skills helping you produce great code, you’ll spend less time troubleshooting and more time creating.

Learn APIs

They’ll digest javadocs and learn to bridge to the JNI native layer when they need the absolute best. IDEs are amazing tools that allow you to maximize your productivity. Good ones do the repetitive tasks for you while you focus on the fun stuff. You’ll need to be proficient in your IDE, and you will be working with IntelliJ IDEA. It is one of the most popular Java IDEs, so chances are your employer will require you to work in it. It is also a good idea to read up on the KISS, DRY and SOLID principles if you want to be able to write clean and readable code. Objects belonging to a superclass should be replaceable by the objects within its subclasses without breaking the system.

Even if you learn modern languages and tools, Java will be there as your base. The future scope of Java developers is indeed great and no one can deny it. You can easily set up a team of dedicated Java developers in very little time. Longevity and suitability for diverse application types are the two prime reasons why large-scale industries hire Java developers.

Web Technologies

As a developer, we often face challenging situations which involve getting stuck in development or incorporating a complex functionality. But Java developers are fighters and know all the moves to accomplish their goal.

What does a Java developer do?

Just like in other programming environments, Java developers are involved in different tasks related to the web and mobile app development, from creating a concept, building the app’s back-end and front-end (with JavaScript or HTML) to testing the app.

A proper system design enhances the readability of the project. If a software project is passed from one developer to another, the new developer should be able to grasp the software just by reading the software design, which is the benefit of good software design. A Java Developer is in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining Java-based programs.

Interpersonal Skills to Help You at Work

Being able to develop, compile and build an application on a Windows machine and deploy it on a Linux server was a revolution in software development. Gone were the days of cross-compilation and operating systems dependent versioning. Between each Java programmer, the choice of technology varies.

  • Demonstrate the interpersonal skills needed to participate in agile scrums and planning sessions.
  • Our business solutions maximize profits, accelerate growth, encourage innovation, and reduce costs.
  • It has many applications like searching and analyzing log files like the way Splunk does.
  • Finding someone who is a good cultural match is critical, and Ben Townsend of FRG Technology Consulting advocates for it.
  • This certification verifies that a professional has the essential Java skills and competence to conduct enterprise application development.
  • Design patterns can provide solutions to some common issues with object-oriented coding.

You can be as generic or as specific as you want with your requirements herein. Your company may have a preference for working with a particular spectrum of application development – and you will have to recruit accordingly to find a candidate that is a better fit. This is another important tool every Java developer should learn in 2023 as more and more companies are using Kubernetes to deploy their Java application on cloud. If you are wondering why use Kubernetes to deploy Java app then main reason is scalability and the ability to restart the Java app automatically when it goes down.