Без категорииA brief introduction to Environmental History: Through this course, you’ll learn how people have been in contact with their environment since the years following Columbus.

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By giving you and your fellow citizens the opportunity to discover your nation’s heritage, identity and history, you feel a sense belonging. The Middle East. It makes you a more Well-rounded Person. Due to its part in recent conflicts as well as its role in the oil industry, many people are stuck with assumptions concerning this region of the Middle East. The study of history will reveal many different stories, from the inspiring and uplifting to the tense and heartbreaking.

These courses can assist you in learning about the region in greater depth, and improve your understanding of its culture and history. As you learn about the past, you’re likely to experience several emotions, which will make you more emotional savvy with the passage of time. Islam is a major factor in The Middle East, and the West This is where you’ll have a comprehensive overview of the main events of the advent of Islam until the present along with lectures essay on interactions between and interactions with the Middle East and the West. [MIT] A look at the Middle East in 20th Century If you’re trying to learn more about this region comprising Egypt, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and the Fertile Crescent and the Fertile Crescent, this course will provide an amazing background from the time of the Ottoman Empire through the terrorist attacks of 9/11. [MIT» » Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times: From the beginnings of Judaism up to the present You’ll discover a myriad of areas of Jewish history through this course. [MIT» Anthropology of the Middle East This course you’ll be exposed to the most traditional cultural practices that take place in the Middle East as well as the cultural and historical aspects of the Orient as well as religion, politics and much more. [MIT"The Middle East" Islamic Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Religion, Cultural and Historical Perspectives From across the Middle East to North Africa The course will focus on the development and spread of Islam and its effect on both the past and current the world of culture, politics and society. [Notre Dame] Course on Political Science and Conflict in the Middle East The seminar offers an in-depth analysis of the changing nature of power and political systems that are in place across the Middle East. [MIT"" Women in Islamic Societies: This course will focus on the gender roles of women in the past in Islamic societies, as and what position they are currently in. [Notre Dame] Furthermore, as you come to recognize the positive and negative human actions over the years, you are able to recognize the causes.

Latin America. In this way, you can build a more complete mindset which allows you to control the situation prior to them getting worse. These courses will allow you to comprehend the rise and structure of the current Latin American countries. Summarising It All.

The modern Latin America, 1808-Present: Revolution Dictatorship and Democracy: Explore this course to discover more about the background of Latin America, including its importance in international economics and indigenous culture and much more. [MIT» Political Economy of Latin America In this class, students will discover about the economic politics that drive changes throughout Latin America, with lessons about countries such as Venezuela, Mexico and more. [MIT" Introduction to Latin American Studies: Read through the material provided in this class to discover about the past, culture and everyday experiences of different people living in Latin America. [MIT] The role of history is crucial in shaping our future and present lives. Africa. Although many students are today hesitant to take the subject (and the other humanities) to focus on sciences and the arts, it is an excellent academic discipline. Learn more about this huge and diverse continent with these online courses. If you’re looking to know more, here are only a few of the many advantages of studying history. AIDS and poverty in Africa This course examines the development in the AIDS infection throughout Africa and its current effects along with the massive poverty that affects many areas. [MIT] Dwellings to Africa Find out more about the historical and current existence of the dwellings of South Africa through this course.

I hope that they will inspire you to explore the subject further. Connections: Exploring the ruins of a Romano-African City: Thugga: Journey all the way back Roman Africa through this course which gives historical and archaeological details. OpenLearn Information and Communication Technology in Africa This course you’ll discover the rise technologies in Africa along with the impacts it’s affected urban life. [MIT] The Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora: You’ll not only discover the latest African religions in this class, but the background of various different groups of African people as well as their interactions to western medicines. [MIT] Historical Importance in Our Life. Scientific History. It is an extremely important topic that plays a crucial role when it comes to shaping our society. These classes will assist you learn more about the modernization of technologies and science.

It can be defined as the investigation of the past instances. A brief introduction to Environmental History: Through this course, you’ll learn how people have been in contact with their environment since the years following Columbus. [MIT"" Modern Physics: From The Atom to Big Science: Learn how the physics field has played a part in the world of politics and in world history by taking this free course. [Berkeley"The" History of Public Health: This course will assist you understand how concepts and public health policy that have evolved over time. [Johns Hopkins[Johns Hopkins] People and Other Animals: Get a better understanding of the interaction between man and other animals through this course which focuses on recent and previous conflicts and instances. [MIT» Nature, Environment, and Empire This course examines the relation with the studies of natural historical events in the hands of Europeans and Americans, and practical exploitation of nature in the world in the your home and on the colonies. [MIT" Psychology History Timeline: Learn more about the history of the field of psychology through this course. [OpenLearnthe course EngineeringApollo Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System In this course you’ll be able to explore the historic events that led to the moon’s successful landing.